Wikipedia syntactic n-grams.

(syntactic uni-grams, syntactic bi-grams, syntactic tri-grams)


Syntactic tri-grams

word1 grammatical_relation word2 grammatical_relation word3 ( continous | non-continuous )*

  • Lanarkshire prep_near Shotts conj_and runs True
  • Lanarkshire prep_near Shotts prep_near runs False

* True means continuous and False means non-continuous.

Syntactic bi-grams

word1 grammatical_relation word2

  • champions cop were
  • champions det the
Syntactic uni-grams

Syntactic uni-grams are not used in the experiments.

word1 dependency* grammatical_relation

  • Hospital > rcmod
  • Hospital < prep_for

*In the example above ">" means that Hospital has a dependency with the grammatical relation rcmod.